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Instructor Class Description

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Julie E Schrader-Villegas
H A&S 397
Seattle Campus

Interdisciplinary Special Topics--Social Science

Special courses drawn from interdisciplinary groups in the social sciences. Content varies.

Class description

H A&S 397 B: Berlin Borders: Identity Formation After the Wall

This preparatory seminar will provide students with an interdisciplinary introduction to the theme of this year's summer in Berlin program “Berlin Borders: Identity Formation After the Wall�. We will address the concept of borders (and walls) through the lenses of art and literature as employed by writers, filmmakers, performers and visual artists. Using the 2008 Common Book, Luis Alberto Urrea's The Devils Highway, as our starting point, we will explore how borders both define and divide us.

Student learning goals

Identify key social issues in Berlin

Guide students in the development of research/project topics

Introduce students to literary arts and performance in Berlin

Teach a variety of methods that can be used in Berlin research

Develop team process

General method of instruction

Students will learn about the city of Berlin as an object of study and will choose research groups (approximately 2-3 students per group), decide on the focus of their research projects, and create a proposal which they will then use as a guide during their time in Berlin.

Recommended preparation

This preparation seminar is required of all students enrolled in the Honors Berlin Program, Summer 2009.

Class assignments and grading

Method of Evaluation: This course has no final exam. Students are graded based on the following components: Class participation in-class discussion and individual blog postings (1/3) Writing Assignments (1/3) Submission of group research/project proposal (1/3)

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