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Nancy Farwell
H A&S 263
Seattle Campus

World Civilization III

Introduction to ideas and society of civilization other than the Western. Specific civilization (Chinese, Japanese, Middle Eastern, South Asian) differs from year to year and section to section. For university honors students only. Offered: Sp.

Class description

Course title: Global and local perspectives on social work and development: Focus on Horn of Africa and its Diaspora Course description: This course will introduce you to global and local perspectives on social work and development, with an area focus on the Horn of Africa and its Diaspora. We will pay particular attention to the processes that characterize the transitions of refugee and immigrant women, children, youth, and families within their country of origin, upon resettlement in the United States, and transnationally, including: a) an overview of the historical events and processes that have resulted in the mass displacement of people; b) selected policies and service programs that have been developed with respect to migration; and c) trauma, coping, agency, and integration during and after repatriation or resettlement. A wide array of strengths-based and empowerment approaches to social work practice in home, school, agency, and community contexts constitute the interventive focus of this course. In exploring these issues, we will read, view, and analyze a variety of sources, including newspaper and magazine articles, novels, government documents, research reports, oral histories, and films. We will also pay attention to interventions across a variety of community settings and agency programs, with a focus on a) mutual assistance, psychosocial support, gender and family issues, youth assets development, and community mobilization, b) participatory approaches to program development, and c) the importance of multicultural understanding in global social work practice. Required work includes student presentations, participant observation, and two analytical concept papers.

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Date: 03/16/2008