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Christi L. Siver
H A&S 251
Seattle Campus

Western Civilization I

Introduction to ideas and society in Western Civilization. For university honors students only. Offered: A.

Class description

In John Stuart Mill’s free market place of ideas, all claims are subject to contestation. In this course, you will learn the argumentation skills to contest a number of different issues. The course is not based in a certain topic, but instead in a certain way of understanding. Debate is often viewed in terms of Crossfire, but academic debate is more of an engagement of ideas that allows multiple sides to present their argument in a friendly environment. Students will learn various skills employed in competitive debate, including both policy and parliamentary formats. Students will compete in an intra-class competition and attend a college invitational. Assignments will include research on debate topics, constructing debate arguments, and presentation of arguments in class.

Student learning goals

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Class assignments and grading

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Date: 09/19/2006