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Time Schedule:

Peter B. Rhines
H A&S 222
Seattle Campus

Science for Honors Students III

Evolution of an idea or concept central to the natural sciences. Intended for non-science majors. Content varies from year to year. For university honors students only. Offered: Sp.

Class description

This course, Introduction to Energy and Environment (Life Under the Pale Sun) is about the natural environment and human interaction with it. We see through the eyes of natives of the far north how the environment...air, sea, ice, land...shape their lives and how global change is affecting them. We develop tools from physics and a little chemistry to understand energy cycles both in Nature, and in human energy utilization. Visit the web site for more! Note the course number has changed to HAS 222a (from HAS 220a)

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Lectures and class discussion/debate

Recommended preparation

no formal pre-requisites. The course is appropriate for non-scientists, and science majors will find that the material is largely new to them as well.

Class assignments and grading

Some problems from the 'Science Core', and a lot of essays. Writing is a big part of this. Class debates and prep for them is important.

Essays, problems, class participation, a couple of quizzes and a final. We try to structure this to insure some understanding of the 'science core' but rely a lot on writing, which can encompass the problem of human energy use, together with its environmental impact. This has an element of science but is much broader.

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Date: 03/09/2006