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Instructor Class Description

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John B. Vallier
Seattle Campus

Honors Interdisciplinary Study IV

Develops ideas, concepts, or institutions that cut across the arts, humanities, and social sciences. For University Honors Program students only.

Class description

Welcome to "Puget Sounds: Ethnomusicology Archiving Close to Home" (Honors 394B). This class is an interdisciplinary experiment, one that blends elements of ethnomusicology, local music history, and archival studies. At the core of this class is Puget Sounds, a growing collection of regional music recordings held by the UW Libraries. Puget Sounds documents music across genres, from folk to rock, jazz to classical, and includes both published and unpublished recordings (e.g., the Crocodile Cafe Collection).

Over the quarter students will make contributions to this collection by way of creating new collections through fieldwork and/or archiving of existing music collections.

Student learning goals

Developing a broader knowledge and appreciation of the plurality musics produced in the greater Seattle region;

Carving out a nuanced and critically informed understanding of what we mean by the term music;

Establishing confidence with participating in, and contributing to, discussions in a seminar type setting;

Grounding in archival issues, theories and techniques, particularly as they apply to the collection and documentation of music;

Being introduced to the concepts and questions concerning ethnomusicologists;

Becoming familiarized with making and editing field recordings.

General method of instruction

Discussion based on course materials (readings/viewings/listenings), student input, guest speakers, presentations, and a field trip to EMP.

Recommended preparation


Class assignments and grading

Discussion, participation, projects.

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Date: 03/24/2012