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Neil S. Banas
Seattle Campus

Interdisciplinary Writing Seminar

Investigates emerging topics of interest in the arts and sciences and frames the investigation of subject matter through writing and dialogic inquiry within a particular field. Students discuss, revise, and reflect upon their work through peer review, in-class writing activities, and editorial feedback. For University Honors Program students only.

Class description

This course will explore how writers in a variety of genres from scientific articles to children's books address the question of what connects us to and divides us from other animals, and the moral and psychological implications of our answers. We will read popular and technical science writing, fieldwork memoirs, food journalism, eco-philosophy, fiction, mythology, and art criticism, with particular attention to the uses and limitations of science in all these contexts. Students will choose one of the genres above as the focus of their writing and research for the quarter. We will also consider what it means to be writing animals, animals who write, ourselves: can we view academic discussion and the activity of writing as particular kinds of embodied, social primate behavior? Species considered in the course will include gorillas, ravens, whales, bears (grizzly, teddy), ants, professors, and goats.

(Spring 2011)

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