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Kenneth C. Clatterbaugh
Seattle Campus

Humanities for Honors Students III

Evolution of an idea or a discipline central to the humanities. Content varies from year to year. For University Honors Program students only. Offered: Sp.

Class description

This course surveys the introductory topics in the philosophy of Karl Marx. Special attention is given to Marx’s theory of human nature, alienation, the nature of exploitation, Marx’s materialist theory of history, his view on morality, and his thoughts about the nature of socialist society. Toward the end of the course, if time permits, we will look at later developments in Marxist thought.

Texts: Karl Marx, Selected Writings, David McClellan (ed) Protest Nation, Timothy McCarthy and John McMillian (eds) Why Read Marx Today, Jonathan Wolf

Students are graded on class participation—students will be expected to give a class presentation on their final project--and a final paper. The final paper is a fifteen-page book review. Each student must select a book that is critical of or a defense of capitalism and review it as if the student were Karl Marx. The review should display an understanding of Marx, present a fair description of the book, and offer a substantial criticism of it. Honors students will have an opportunity to discuss course material and do a presentation in a breakout session taught by the instructor.

Student learning goals

Careful reading of an historical text

Relating that text to current debates

Writing clearly and critically

General method of instruction


Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

See course description

See course descriptionn

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Date: 02/20/2012