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Aaron Katz
Seattle Campus

Community Oriented Public Health Practice

Seven-quarter integrated sequence covers public health aspects of community assessment, biostatistics, epidemiology, health promotion/disease prevention, behavior change, environmental health, community development, policy development and analysis, and program planning and management. It is taught in a problem-based format. Prerequisite: enrollment in the COPHP program.

Class description

This 10-week block of problem-based learning for 2nd year COPHP MPH students covers the basic concepts, analytic tools, and skills for health policy analysis, development, and advocacy. Cases will explore issues both in the United States and developing countries:

Health policy refers to decisions that guide organizational and individual behaviors affecting health and the financing, delivery, and use of health services. This sequence focuses on how public policy is developed and by whom, and the relationship between these public decisions and the workings of the market place. We will explore the complex array of factors that affect public policy, how science and community values intertwine in health policy development, and how context (i.e., ideology, culture, and history) influence the structure of and changes to a nation’s health system.

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