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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Patricia B. Ebrey
Seattle Campus

Women in China to 1800

Gender in Chinese culture, women's situations in the patrilineal family system, and the ways women's situations changed as other dimensions of China's political system, economy, and culture changed from early times through the nineteenth century. Offered: jointly with GWSS 457.

Class description

This course examines Chinese gender ideology and family systems and the ways they provided the context in which women fashioned their lives. To consider the extent of change over time, it will look at three periods from the tenth to eighteenth centuries. Fiction as a source for women's lives will be explored. A "W" course.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Lecture and discussion of assigned readings and students' papers.

Recommended preparation

No prerequisites.

Class assignments and grading

Reading assigned books and articles, preparing two reviews, one of an article and one of a book, and writing a 10-12 page research paper.

20 percent for participation and each review, 40 percent for the research paper.

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Date: 04/07/2008