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Instructor Class Description

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Hwasook Bergquist Nam
Seattle Campus

History of Korean Civilization

From earliest times to the present. Development of Korean society and culture in terms of government organization, social and economic change, literature, and art. Offered: jointly with JSIS A 212.

Class description

This course surveys the history of Korea from prehistoric times through the twentieth century. It provides students with an understanding of evolving social and political systems and culture during the two thousand years before Korea's encounter with the West in the late 19th century. It then examines how these pre-modern institutions and values, on the one hand, and regional and global power dynamics, on the other, shaped Korean responses to internal and external challenges, especially the challenge of modernity, over the course of the twentieth century.

Student learning goals

Improve critical thinking and reading skills

Improve writing skill

Develop capacity to analyze diverse viewpoints and interpretations

Develop effective oral communication skills through class discussions

General method of instruction

lectures, films, and discussion sessions

Recommended preparation

No prerequisites

Class assignments and grading

Will be outlined in the course syllabus. Examinations, short paper assignments, participation.

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Date: 05/14/2012