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Nikhil Pal Singh
Seattle Campus

The Intellectual History of the United States

Lectures and discussions devoted to the development of the American mind, from historical beginnings to the present.

Class description

Note: Although this is an Evening Degree course, day students will be allowed to register for it on the first day of the quarter. Please see a history adviser for details.

The US is a nation founded on principles of civic equality and freedom. From its inception, the US has been viewed as one of the world's most open national communities: one can belong to this nation, without having any particular linguistic, religious, racial or ethnic background. At the same time, the "free" nation, in its first century accepted the "compromise" of black slavery, and pursued policies of territorial expansion that "removed" the aboriginal inhabitants of the land. And, although the country was exceptionally open to newcomers, especially laborers from other lands, it held, until the middle of the 20th-century that among the foreign born, only "free white persons" could be "naturalized" as citizens, thus excluding many immigrant groups from full membership in the nation.

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