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W A Douglas Jackson
Seattle Campus

History of Canada

General survey and analysis of political, economic, social, and cultural aspects of Canadian history from the foundation of New France to present; Canadian-American relations, the rise of Quebec nationalism, and the development of the Canadian West. Offered: jointly with JSIS A 375.

Class description

Canada is a fascinating country even though-and probably because-it has many paradoxical qualities. It is a northern land-the north of North America-and has many similarities with its southern neighbor, the United States, but it has important differences, both subtle and apparent. Its roots are certainly in New France to which was added a substantial 18th century migration of Anglo-Americans from the newly-created United States. In the Northwest its beginnings lay in the fur trade and the powerful Hudson's Bay Company who controlled a vast territory surrounding Hudson Bay. The History of Canada seeks to bring these powerful themes together as the united colony moved toward Responsible Government and Confederation. Its role in World War I gave it an awareness of its distinctive characteristics, which have been played out throughout the twentieth century. Canada stands with the great democracies of the modern world.

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