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Nikhil Pal Singh
Seattle Campus

Topics in American History

Examines special topics in American history.

Class description

How Race Matters: Racial Norms in US Culture (COURSE TITLE). Is US history best seen as a story of progress and ever increasing tolerance and inclusion, or a highly conflictual story about confronting and reconsolidating racial dominance? How have legacies of slavery, migration, Indian removal and imperial power defined and redefined US national identity? How do forms of racial exclusion impact upon, or intersect with other forms of socially significant identity such as class, gender and sexuality? Have the struggles to include formerly excluded peoples within the nation fought by abolitionists, civil rights activists and modern progressives and liberals enabled the nation to effectively transcend its racial past? These are some of the major questions we will address in this broad survey of the ideas and practices that have informed US "racial" history from the American Revolution to the contemporary, post-civil rights era. THIS COURSE FULFILLS THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON DIVERSITY MINOR INITIATIVE.

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Date: 10/16/2007