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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Quintard Taylor
Seattle Campus

Survey of the History of the United States

Supplies the knowledge of American history that any intelligent and educated American citizen should have. Objective is to make the student aware of his or her heritage of the past and more intelligently conscious of the present.

Class description

The history of United States has been a paradox of triumph and tragedy as Americans over four centuries have continuously confronted each other over the meaning of democracy, justice and equality. Due to its ten week duration, this course cannot possibly present a detailed examination of the American historical experience. It will, however, identify and examine critical periods such as the revolutionary era, the 1830s, the Civil War and Reconstruction, the era of industrialization, World War II and the 1960s, conservative America in the 1980s, when those themes have been challenged and tested. Those challenges continue through this day. However we can take full advantage of our current vantage point to examine how this nation's past has prepared all of us in varied ways for our contemporary world. Is the battle for democracy, justice, equality and power over? Using a variety of historians and history sources, we shall try to answer that question during this quarter.

Student learning goals

To make students aware of the complexity of American history so that they can better understand the contemporary U.S.

To help students develop analytical and critical thinking skills that apply to the study of history

To help students understand the growing ethnic, racial, and religious diversity and what it means for the nation in the 21st Century

To make students aware of the ways in which U.S. history is popularly understood and to address some of the misconceptions flowing from that type of understanding.

To help students better understand how their own local and regional history fit into the general mosaic of U.S. history.

To prepare students to be well informed, responsible citizens of the nation.

General method of instruction

Daily lectures with some in class discussion

Recommended preparation


Class assignments and grading

Each student's course grade is based on two exercises: a midterm examination and a final examination as well as student participation in class.


John M. Murrin and Others, Liberty, Equality, Power: A History of the American People (Belmont, California: Wadsworth/Thomson, 2009)

Quintard Taylor, UNITED STATES HISTORY from 1775 to 2000: A Manual for Students in HSTAA 101 (This manual is online at http://faculty.washington.edŽu/qtaylor/)

Midterm Examination 40% Final Examination 40% Discussion Section Participation 20%

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