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Florian Schwarz
HIST 361
Seattle Campus

Middle Eastern History, 1453-1800

Introduction to the early modern period in the Middle East, including an exploration of the political, economic, and cultural dominance of the Ottoman Empire and Safavid Iran. Explores the political and social dynamics and economic transformations of the two empires. Offered: A.

Class description

This course is an introduction to the early modern period in the Middle East. The period from the 15th to the 18th centuries is characterized by the political, economic and cultural dominance of two empires, the Ottoman Empire and Safavid Iran. The course explores the political and social dynamics and cultural transformations of the two empires by taking a thematic approach. Topics include: religious communities; gender; commerce, consumption and international trade; townspeople, farmers and nomads; self and others; conflict, negotiation and coexistence. It is the second of a three-quarter series on the history of the Middle East from the 6th century to the present. The three quarters may not be offered in order. It is not necessary to take all three quarters.

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