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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Naomi B. Sokoloff
HEBR 411
Seattle Campus

Elementary Modern Hebrew

Modern Israeli Hebrew. Core vocabulary, grammar, conversational text, and oral and written communication. Excerpts from modern Hebrew prose and poetry. (Cannot be taken for credit if HEBR 401 taken). First in a sequence of three.

Class description

HEBREW 411 is the first quarter of a full year sequence of elementary modern Hebrew (HEBR 412, HEBR 413 are the second and third quarters). The students can expect to develop: --an ability to write and read both print and script, with and without vowels --an ability to participate in and understand basic conversation on everyay topics ---an ability to compose and understand simple written materials on everyday topics --a vocabulary of 500-1000 words ---an understanding of the principles of the structure of the Hebrew language --basic acquaintance with the culture expressed through the Hebrew language

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Students are responsible for daily preparation fo readings and exercises. Class time will be spent primarily on activities designed to provide practice in speaking, udnerstanding, reading and writing. These will include: conversational activities, reading and discussing texts, listening to and discussing auditory materials, and student oral rpesentations. In addition, there wil be short lectures in English on cultural and historical topics.

Recommended preparation

There are no prerequisites.> >

Class assignments and grading

4 tests, a midterm and a final, 3 compositions. homework will be assigned on a daily basis but is for the benefit of the student, not a graded assignment. Language laboratory is necessary for effective learning for the vast majority of students; again, like homework, this work is not a graded assignment.

4 tests, a midterm, a final, 3 compositions >

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