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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Carla M Difranco
HCDE 514
Seattle Campus

Strategies for International Product Management

Examines best practices in establishing localization work in technology companies. Covers facets important to research, planning, and decision-making processes, including use of internal company data, and economic, marketing, and technology factors. Uses real-life scenarios to demonstrate how companies have instituted localization processes given user-centered practices. Prerequisite: HCDE 512; HDCE 513; or permission of instructor.

Class description

We will investigate localization as a business from a number of different perspectives: marketing, legal/regulatory, cultural adaptation, payment models, product management, and technology trends for different languages. While our focus will generally be on the world of software, we will also explore medical device development as a unique and challenging area for any international business. We will ask questions, talk about solutions, and discuss what could have been done differently. Students will be asked to help problem-solve and bring their own solutions to the table.

Student learning goals

Understand the diverse perspectives needed when crafting an international product strategy.

Have a good idea of how the software sector may differ from other business sectors when it comes to this type of planning.

Be able to problem-solve in the diverse areas covered in the class.

Be able to perform useful and impactful research in the diverse areas covered in the class.

General method of instruction

Lecture & group work

Recommended preparation

This class is open to all HCDE grad students; there are no pre-requirements necessary, except a passion for international and willingness to jump in and practice your problem-solving skills.

Class assignments and grading

Group presentations, final paper and presentation.

Performance in group presentations, final paper and presentation.

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Last Update by Carla M Difranco
Date: 05/10/2012