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Instructor Class Description

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Jan Spyridakis
HCDE 401
Seattle Campus

Style and Editing in Scientific and Technical Writing

Covers stylistic strategies within specific professional contexts. Achieving clarity and conciseness; using varied communication structures for emphasis and tone. Includes editorial responsibilities and practice in communicating scientific and technical information; managing collaborative teams; and basic XML. Prerequisite: HCDE 231; either LING 100 or ENGL 371, which may be taken concurrenlty. Offered: A.

Class description

This course is designed to prepare students for technical editing in the workplace, while providing practical experience and a theoretical framework for their practice. This course seeks to help students refine individual writing styles by making them aware of grammar, syntax, and theoretical concerns that underlie Standard English.

Student learning goals

Write and edit standardized American English.

Identify and construct syntactic structures that reveal intended emphasis for specific purposes and audiences.

Revise quickly and appropriately and articulate the logic behind revisions (as shown through assignments and in-class participation).

Develop an understanding of editing and its role in document development, publication, and use.

Mark a document using established editorial symbols and conventions.

Edit documents for style and organization, and for correctness, consistency, and accuracy.

General method of instruction

Class lectures and workshops, short homework assignments, web-based exercises, exams, oral presenations, class participation.

Recommended preparation

Co-requisite: LING 100 or ENGL 371.

Class assignments and grading

Editing assignments; Style assignments; Midterm Exam; Oral Presentation; Class Participation

Editing assignments; Style assignments; Midterm Exam; Oral Presentation; Class Participation

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Date: 05/29/2012