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David G. Allen
GWSS 255
Seattle Campus

Masculinities: Contestation, Circulation, and Transformation

Looks at different ways that masculinity is understood and represented historically and contemporarily. While primarily U.S. based, also attends to how different styles of masculinity travel via immigration and media. Explores the relationship between men, masculinity, and other social movements (e.g. anti-violence, gay rights).

Class description

We develop some analytic tools that will help us discuss how masculinity in the US changes over time and is different in various social and geographical spaces. For example, different bodies "count" as masculine in different spaces (e.g. when I work in prisons, I'm interpreted as 'not masculine enough--as gay). How do media shape our understanding of 'masculinity" and who can be masculine? Great media and lots of discussion in this class!

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