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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Katrina C Kohlsdorf
GWSS 200
Seattle Campus

Introduction to Women Studies

Feminist analysis of the construction and enforcement of gender differences and gender inequalities in various contexts. Emphasis on the intersection of race, class, sexuality, and nationality in the lives of women. Topics include feminist theory, motherhood, popular culture, sexual autonomy, racism, and activism in the United States, Asia, Latin America. Offered: AWSpS.

Class description

This course introduces students to the field of Women’s Studies and to the concepts central to this field. What does it mean to be a woman in different times and places? How does this meaning intersect with sexuality, race, class, ethnicity, nationality and ability? What are gender and feminism? How is the world shaped by power, hierarchies, oppression, and privilege? We will address these and other questions through an examination of the personal and political implications of Women’s Studies and topics including health, family, work, media, violence and activism.

Student learning goals

To learn about the field of Women Studies and feminist theory.

To critically consider how race, ethnicity, class, nationality, and ability intersect with and are inseparable from the contested categories of sex, gender, and sexuality.

To understand historical and contemporary themes and issues from a global perspective.

To apply what you read and learn to your own perceptions and theories.

General method of instruction

Facilitated Discussion; Short Lectures; Group Activities; Documentaries

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

Directed Writing (Short written activity based assignments); Group Participation; Projects; Quizzes; Final

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Date: 03/13/2013