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Ruby Blondell
Seattle Campus

Greek Drama

Recommended: either minimum two years of ancient Greek language study at college level or equivalent.

Class description

This course will provide an introduction to Euripidean tragedy focussing especially on questions surrounding female heroism. What, for example, does it mean for a woman to be a hero within the confines of Greek gender ideology? What does heroic excellence look like in a woman? Can a transgressive woman count as heroic, and if so why and how? We will read Euripides' Medea in Greek, supplemented by readings in English. The latter will include a general introduction to tragedy, plus two plays that offer very different models of female heroism: Helen and Iphigenia at Aulis. Class time will be occupied primarily with translation and discussion of Medea, but the other plays will be used for comparison and general discussion. You will also learn how to scan the iambic trimeter (the meter of tragic dialogue). Midterm and final will include translation, scansion, and essays. Written assignments will include short, ungraded essays on the English readings and a longer term paper.

Please note that this description is for Autumn 2012. Other iterations of the course may involve the reading of different plays by Euripides.

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Date: 08/20/2012