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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Amy Hagopian
G H 593
Seattle Campus

MPH Workshop

Introduces students to the issues involved in conceptualizing and completing thesis projects and the various international health organizations and faculty members available as resources to projects. Prerequisite: first-year Global Health MPH students. Offered: AWSp.

Class description

The purpose of the Department of Global Health Thesis Workshop, which we fondly call “How to Learn to Love your Thesis,? is to familiarize incoming students with the requirements for completing a thesis. We also introduce new students to the various international health organizations and faculty members available as resources for their projects.

Student learning goals

1) Discuss the elements of the MPH thesis requirement;

2) Recognize each of the faculty members available to them as thesis advisers, and be familiar with their various academic interests and specialties;

3) Assemble a functional and responsive thesis committee;

4) Review the available international health organizations and other resources in Seattle who could provide support in the conduct of their thesis;

5) Discuss the issues involved in working abroad; 6) Design a research proposal, including framing research questions, gathering and organizing data, various methods of analysis;

7) Apply for UW human subjects approval for thesis projects; and 8) Be enthusiastic about and eager to write a publishable thesis.

General method of instruction

Core faculty are from the Department of Global Health. Guest speakers address many specific areas, such as making human subjects applications, using specific methods (such as surveys & focus groups), publishing papers, issues around working abroad, logistics related to conducting research in field settings, and others.

Recommended preparation

Enrollment restricted to first year Global Health MPH students.

Class assignments and grading

Credit/no credit. Attendance required. Assignments are related to thesis critiques.

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Date: 04/10/2009