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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Emmanuela Gakidou
G H 590
Seattle Campus

Selected Topics in Global Health

Focuses on topics relevant to global health. Offered: AWSpS.

Class description

The Global Health Metrics and Evaluation Seminar features senior researchers who present current work on pertinent global health issues. Seminars are intended to highlight the research being done by the broader global health community, and provide an opportunity for students to engage in a dialogue about the methods, results, and implications of the research. In addition, this seminar series exposes students to the broad array of issues in completing research projects and the magnitude of work involved in producing salient results. Students are expected to attend all seminar sessions and actively participate in the discussions. When possible, students will meet with the seminar presenter after the seminar to further discuss the implications of their research and ask more detailed questions on the analytical methods and study design.

Student learning goals

Demonstrate an understanding and familiarity with the breadth of research that occurs within the field of global health

Interpret and analyze all aspects of a research study, the quantitative methodologies employed, and their results

Display a familiarity and knowledge of the format of research presentations

Critique scientific research findings

Describe analytical methods that can be employed in global health research

Respond to questions about critical global health issues

General method of instruction

Instruction for this course is a seminar presentation by a group of academics and researchers invited to the IHME to speak about their work.

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

There are no assignments attributed to this course.

The seminar is graded credit/no credit. A student will be given credit for attending all seminars and participating in group discussions.

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