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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Sabine Wilke
Seattle Campus

Introduction to German Cultural Studies

Questions addressed include: What is "German culture," how has it been defined and contested, and how and why do we study it? Interdisciplinary methods and readings. Recommended: GERMAN 203.

Class description

This course offers an introduction to German cultural studies today. It provides a solid foundation for upper-division courses in German literature as well as in culture. What is German culture and how has it been defined and contested? We will explore key concepts in cultural studies (representation, history, identity, difference, popular culture, media, etc.). Each unit of the course focuses on one of these concepts. By the end of the quarter students will develop a better sense of cultural studies in a German context. This overall objective encompasses many particular goals as well. Because the course moves from exploring key concepts to actively participating in cultural studies, another set of goals concerns active learning through group work and individual research.

Student learning goals

As a result of this class, students should be able to explain key concepts of cultural studies, identify a range of approaches to the study of German culture, read and analyze texts closely, and apply the questions in each unit to a variety of cultural productions.

General method of instruction

We will devote considerable class time to discussion and debate.

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

Assignments include group work (team debates; various classroom activities; final project) and Individual work (mid-term).

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