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Sarah A. Elwood-Faustino
GEOG 578
Seattle Campus

Research Seminar: Theorizing the City

Considers classic and contemporary writings in urban theory in the twentieth century, including social ecology (Chicago School), political economy, and contemporary theoretical debates in poststructuralism, deconstructionism, and culture as they relate to cities and space.

Class description

Winter 2014: Co-convenes with Geog 542. Our seminar explores relational poverty, class politics, spaces of encounter, and alliance politics. Examines contemporary and historical poverty knowledges and the geographical/political-economic contexts in which they emerge. We rethink poverty knowledge and practice through the lens of relational poverty theory. We will read a diverse range of case studies (drawing from network researchers) that engage innovative approaches to rethinking poverty in relation to social differences and in rural and urban places. The seminar engages with the activities of the relational poverty network (RPN). The RPN is an international, interdisciplinary and collaborative network of poverty scholars committed to expanding poverty research beyond authoritative poverty knowledge.

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