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Kim V.L. England
GEOG 577
Seattle Campus

Research Seminar: Internal Spatial Structure of Cities

Attempts to bring together two major theoretical streams that have been challenging conventional ways of understanding urban geography.

Class description

Urban Inequality, Social Justice and Difference - This seminar will address questions of urban inequality and social difference to complement and extend the John E. Sawyer Seminar, Now Urbanism, theme - Social Justice, Inequality and Cities. Three geographers who have produced important work on this theme will be visiting and speaking on campus in Spring Quarter (Nik Heynan, Laura Pulido and Jane Wills). Rather than a comprehensive overview then, we will read selections of their work in preparation for their visits, and then place their work in the broader context of other scholarship (such as that by David Harvey, Doreen Massey among others) that aims to make sense of why urban inequalities persist and how they operate in and through cities and urban spaces. The role of community activism around social justice in American cities is addressed, as is the strategic engagement with existing structures of governance and public policies, along with the ongoing efforts to transform them.

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Date: 03/23/2011