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Timothy L. Nyerges
GEOG 464
Seattle Campus

GIS and Decision Support

Combines lectures about geographic information systems and decision methods with hands-on computer assignments about regional and urban issues associated with such complex decision processes as planning, improvement programming, and capital project implementation. Emphasizes land, transportation, and water resources decision problems. Prerequisite: GEOG 360. Offered: W.

Class description

Student learning goals

understand the intellectual benefits and costs of integrated data processing strategies with GIS, particularly within the context of urban-regional growth management and sustainability issues. These strategies include (but are not limited to) problem definition, database design, data collection, data structuring, data analysis, and information presentation in a modeling approach

master the use of several GIS data processing strategies as applied through hands-on use of GIS software to complete laboratory assignments as practice in critical enquiry.

experience the process of working in groups in order to encourage a broader and deeper understanding about the value of using geographic information to address complex urban-regional geographic issues within a context of a pluralistic society, i.e., a society that mediates multi-valued interests for overall improvement.

General method of instruction

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Recommended preparation

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Class assignments and grading

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