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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Charles T. Faubion
GEOG 380
Seattle Campus

Geographical Patterns of Health and Disease

Geography of infectious and chronic diseases at local, national, and international scales; environmental, cultural, and social explanations of those variations; comparative aspects of health systems.

Class description

This course will briefly explore introductory concepts in health geography and subsequently present a variety of lenses useful for understanding health and disease from local to global scales. We will engage geographic perspectives in explaining how and why health varies from place to place.

Student learning goals

Understand patterns of health and disease

Understand what the discipline of geographyŚas a social scienceŚcan offer to studies of health in theoretical, empirical, and analytical registers

Understand how all health is situated within complex geopolitical phenomena related to social inequalities

Understand health as a human-driven phenomena outside the tradition of biomedicine

Critically examine types of health intervention, especially interventions outside the realm of health care

General method of instruction

Class sessions will involve a combination of lectures, videos, discussion, and guest presentations

Recommended preparation

No prerequisites required

Class assignments and grading

Students will be evaluated on attendance, completion of readings, four short response papers, two exams, and a final paper

Grades are assigned based on the level of intellectual engagement with assignment prompts

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Date: 12/05/2011