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Suzanne D Withers
GEOG 277
Seattle Campus

Geography of Cities

Explores the system of cities - their location, distribution, and functions; the internal structure of cities - the location of activities within urban areas, including housing, economic activities, and social geography; and sheds light on the major issues and problems facing contemporary urban society.

Class description

An introduction to the study of cities organized around three major themes: (1) systems of cities, (2) internal patterns within cities, and (3) geographic perspectives on contemporary urban problems. Emphasis is placed on North American cities with many examples taken from the Seattle area and the Pacific Northwest. The course covers locational knowledge (where cities are located and where activities are located within cities), elementary urban theory (why cities and urban activities are located where they are), and policy issues (what is the nature of contemporary problems and their potential solutions). Exams and lab exercises. All required reading is in the text.

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