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Instructor Class Description

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Joseph Felsenstein
Seattle Campus

Genetics of the Evolutionary Process

Contributions of genetics to the understanding of evolution. Processes of mutation, selection, and random genetic events as they affect the genetic architecture of natural populations and the process of speciation. Emphasis on experimental data and observation, rather than mathematical theory. Prerequisite: either GENET 371 or GENET 372.

Class Description

How genetic processes operate in the process of evolution. How Mendelian genetics gets together with Darwinian evolution. The course is not a comprehensive introduction to the mathematical theory of gene frequencies, however.

Lectures, one computer exercise. There is no textbook, as the area of the course is slightly outside of coverage by evolution texts. The instructor hands out summaries of the lectures instead.

Recommended preparation

Understanding of elementary Mendelian genetics, of the basic facts of molecular biology.

Class Assignments and Grading

There is one assigment, a computer exercise in using a simulation program to simulate changes in gene frequencies, and reporting back what happened and suggesting why. A second computer exercise, on phylogenies (evolutionaryu trees) may be added in 1999.

A 1-hour midterm, a 2-hour final, and the comnputer simulation exercise report.

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