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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Louisa Mackenzie
Seattle Campus

Women Writers

Focuses on French women writers and writing about women. Chronological and geographic range varies. Gender issues addressed in critical fashion, considering the different historical and ideological contexts in which each of the works was produced. Prerequisite: FRENCH 303; either FRENCH 304, FRENCH 305, FRENCH 306, or FRENCH 307.

Class description

Sample texts--whole or extracted--by women in French. CHronological range will be broad, from the Middle Ages through the 20th century. Some theory will be presented, although more as a secondary concern. Particular attention will be paid to the social and historical contexts in which women wrote, including contemporary questions facing French women.

Student learning goals

At the end of the quarter, students should be able to: - Be familiar with works by some representative French women writers. - Describe and analyze how women have negotiated a place for themselves in French culture through the ages despite constraints. - Understand something of the shifting position of women in French society dependent on historical context. - Start to think critically about ideas such as femininity and masculinity, as categories that are as much cultural as biological. - Start to think critically about how gender intersects with other kinds of identity (national, racial, political).

General method of instruction

Seminar-style, student participation very much encouraged.

Recommended preparation

Students shall have completed all composition classes and at least two of the 304-307 series.

Class assignments and grading

Ongoing reading responses, one discussion question, one midterm, one final 10-page paper.

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