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Julian D. Olden
FISH 560
Seattle Campus

Applied Multivariate Statistics for Ecologists

Use and interpretation of multivariate analysis, including the majority of approaches in common use by ecologists. Emphasizes the conceptual understanding and practical use of the methods, illustrated with ecological case studies. Prerequisite: Q SCI 482 or equivalent.

Class description

ith recent advances in data collection technology and ambitious field research, ecologists are increasingly calling upon multivariate statistics to explore and test for patterns in their data. The goal of this course is to introduce graduate students in the ecological sciences (that’s you!) to the multivariate statistical techniques necessary to carry out sophisticated analyses and to critically evaluate scientific papers using these approaches.

Student learning goals

an introduction to the use of multivariate statistics in ecological research

a conceptual organization of the various multivariate techniques, with respect to the types of research questions and data sets appropriate for each technique

working understanding of how to use and interpret the results of each technique, including a conceptual overview, list of assumptions, diagnostics for assessing the assumptions, mechanics of performing the analysis using a variety of software, and how to interpret the statistical output of the analysis.

General method of instruction

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

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Date: 05/26/2010