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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Trevor Branch
FISH 554
Seattle Campus

Beautiful Graphics in R

Explores how to create beautiful scientific graphics in the open-source language R. Covers the theory of visualization, critically examines elements of good and bad graphics, and teaches students how to translate data in their graduate theses into publication-quality graphics.

Class description

Take your thesis or dissertation data and create beautiful, publication quality graphics in R.(Formerly FISH507H, now FISH554.)

Student learning goals

Analysis and design of graphics for scientific papers.

Programming in R to use the graphical interface and produce customized multi-panel graphics.

Effective use of color in R.

Animated plots in R.

General method of instruction

One two-hour lecture/lab per week in computer room.

Recommended preparation

FISH552 Introduction to R and FISH553 Advanced R are highly recommended, or similar experience in using R, or permission of the instructor. Students can take FISH552 and FISH553 consecutively in Fall, and then FISH554 in winter. There is no required textbook but students are encouraged to buy Paul Murrell's "R graphics" and to read Edward Tufte's "The visual display of quantitative information"

Class assignments and grading

In-class assignments. Final project at the end of the quarter, creating complex multipanel plots.

Credit / no credit.

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