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Instructor Class Description

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Martin A. Hall
FISH 513
Seattle Campus

Current Topics in Management, Conservation, and Restoration

Contemporary problems and issues in management, conservation, and restoration as they relate to aquatic and fisheries sciences.

Class description

Bycatches in many types of fisheries, and in many regions of the world. What causes bycatch, how can we prevent or reduce bycatch. Successful strategies to address bycatch issues. Management options and incentives to reduce bycatch. Examples and case studies from different fisheries. Bycatch management as a critical part of ecosystem-based fisheries management

Student learning goals

Understand what bycatch is, what the causes of bycatch are

Understand the options available to estimate bycatch and their pros and cons

Be capable of putting in perspective the meaning of the bycatch estimates

Be capable of puting together a research and management startegy to mitigate bycatch

Become aware of the need to interact with all stakeholders, and improve your understanding of their motivations and limitations

Question the paradigm of selective fishing as a "good" way to harvest an ecosystem

General method of instruction

Presentations, invited guests from important agencies and organizations, discusions

Recommended preparation

Some concepts of sampling

Class assignments and grading

Readings from lists provided

Participation in class discusions, initiative, curiosity, attandance to most of the classes (one absence could be made up with some additional assignement)

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Date: 03/25/2011