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Miles G. Logsdon
FISH 453
Seattle Campus

Geospatial Pattern Analysis and Geostatistics

Focuses on the application of geospatial pattern analysis and geostatistics in earth science research. Develops understanding in detecting, describing, and estimating spatial pattern and trends. Prerequisite: either Q SCI 381 or Q SCI 482; OCEAN 452. Offered: jointly with OCEAN 453; W.

Class description

This course is designed to introduce the use of GPS, GIS and Remote Sensing in the ecosystem sciences. In this course each student will participate in the collection of georeferenced field measurements and observations (GPS), importing those spatial data into a GIS, classifying the landcover over the spatial extent of those data from remotely sensed imagery, and analyzing their spatial variability. This applied course is intended to integrate these technologies in an applied setting, and to motivate students to incorporate these tools and techniques in their future work.

Student learning goals

Create, Edit, Manage geospatial data in current Geographic Information System software.

Classify multispectral remotely sensed imagery and derive basic process based indices from that data.

Generate basic quantitative spatial pattern metrics of point, line, area and grid based spatial data.

design research methods which require spatial data analysis

General method of instruction

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

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