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Instructor Class Description

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Kerry-Ann Naish
FISH 444
Seattle Campus

Conservation Genetics

Advanced genetic concepts and methods related to species' conservation and management. Includes genetic diversity and evolution, small populations and fragmentation, genetic viability, management of wild and captive populations, reintroductions, hatchery-wild interactions and forensics. Labs include molecular techniques. Recommended: BIOL 180; FISH 340.

Class description

Conservation measures are aimed at protecting the long-term survivability of a species in a changing environment-one that includes human beings. The objective of this class will be to examine and evaluate the role that genetic approaches play in meeting this goal. The class will start by examining the underlying principles relevant to conservation genetics. We will then move onto the practices: methods of measuring genetic diversity in populations; identification of the units of biodiversity to which conservation efforts are directed; genetics and consequences of population fragmentation; inbreeding and outbreeding; genetic management of wild and captive populations; reintroduction of organisms back into the wild; the role of forensics in enforcement; and development of species recovery plans. The class will examine current thought and practices in this constantly evolving field, and will draw from many well-known case studies in the region and internationally. Labs will include data analyses and a laboratory-based molecular genetics study.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Lectures, labs, discussion groups

Recommended preparation

Background in genetics, evolution and ecology - Fish 340 is strongly recommended.

Class assignments and grading

Grades will be based on the following breakdown: Accumulation of assignments, weeks 1-4: 20% End of quarter exam: 20% Literature review for paper: 15% Research paper: 20% Labs: 20% Participation: 5%

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