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Daniel E. Schindler
FISH 101
Seattle Campus

Water and Society

Examines ecological and social issues associated with water resources as human populations increase and climate warms.

Class description

Instructors: Julian Olden and Daniel Schindler (course evaluations for these instructors are consistently greater than 4 pts on a 5 pt scale) No prerequisites! Great for Freshmen through seniors, all majors! UW Honors students may take for Ad Hoc credit. FRESHWATER is: • Essential for life. • The oil of the 21st century. • Breeding ground of the most dangerous human diseases. • Losing species faster than any other ecosystem. • A reason to launch a war? Come learn about how, despite the abundance of water on Earth, freshwater is coming under increasing pressure as human populations increase and climate warms. These changes affect not only those ecosystems, but also human health and how we interact with each other both politically and socially. Come learn about how social changes might reduce human impacts on fresh water systems, locally, nationally and internationally. You’ll also learn how to calculate your own personal water footprint and explore ways to reduce consumption of this valuable resource!

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Date: 01/01/2010