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Karoliina Kuisma
FINN 202
Seattle Campus

Second-Year Finnish

Intensive practice in speaking, reading, and writing. Functional review of grammar. Second in a sequence of three. Prerequisite: FINN 201.

Class description

This quarter’s course will continue from chapter 5 in Kieli Käyttöön. There will be a lot of new vocabulary which we will start systematically collect. You will also learn to talk about ways to celebrate the holidays in Finland, get to know the Finnish school system and the outlines of Finnish history. We’ll also take a look at spoken Finnish.You will learn to use the passive voice, which is extremely useful and commonly used in everyday speech.. As you know it differs from the standard taught in the text book. You will also learn to give orders by using the imperative. At the end of the course we will review how to describe and define objects, people and phenomena. Special attention will be paid to learning vocabulary, listening comprehension and speaking in Finnish.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

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Class assignments and grading

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Last Update by Karoliina Kuisma
Date: 11/21/2005