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Karoliina Kuisma
FINN 201
Seattle Campus

Second-Year Finnish

Intensive practice in speaking, reading, and writing. Functional review of grammar. First in a sequence of three. Prerequisite: either FINN 103 or FINN 150.

Class description

During the course we will review some of the grammar and themes from the 100-courses as well as broaden and deepen your vocabulary and command of grammar. The aim of the course is to provide intensive practice in all areas of language learning. You will improve your speaking and writing skills as well as reading and listening.

In FINN 201 you will learn to make polite questions, talk about your future plans and make suggestions. We will get more acquainted with Finnish culture and talk about Finnish festivities, popular music, the Sami minority etc. We will also learn to derivate words from other words. This practice is very typical for Finnish and will help you to expand your vocabulary pretty fast. There will be quite a bit of new vocabulary. You will also learn to write more complex sentences by using conjunction and nominal forms of verbs.

The course will cover chapters 16-20 of Hyvin menee! We will also use some additional materials and move to authentic texts little by little.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Recommended preparation

This course is offered as a continuation of first year Finnish language study.

Class assignments and grading

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Date: 06/01/2006