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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Robert Holzworth
ESS 515
Seattle Campus

Geophysics: Space

Various phenomena occurring in outer regions of Earth's atmosphere, ionosphere, magnetosphere, and Van Allen radiation belts. Laboratory applications include plasma thrusters and fusion. Concepts include charged particles in magnetic fields, drift motion, plasma, magnetohydrodynamic waves. Includes advanced, research-oriented problems. Prerequisite: PHYS 321 or equivalent.

Class description

Beginning plasma physics. Single particle motion in electric and magnetic fields. Collective plasma phenomena/'fluid theory' Introduction to plasma waves

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Text (Parks (2004) Physics of Space Plasmas, Westview/Perseus Books Group) Chapters 1 - 5 plus parts of 6 - 9.

Recommended preparation

Physics 321 and 322 (upper division E&M)

Class assignments and grading

homework weekly; lots of problem sets.

Homework (7 problem sets) - 50% of grade Midterm - 20% Final - 30% Extra credit: 10 page paper - up to 15%

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