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Sergey S. Rabotyagov
ESRM 490
Seattle Campus

Special Topics

Individual tutorial study of topics or courses under development to address the latest scientific developments in forest resources. Offered: AWSpS.

Class description

ESRM 490 Markets and the Environment - Autumn 2009 Course Description

Well-functioning markets have a demonstrated potential to improve human welfare around the world. At the same time, it is now well understood that when it comes to the environment, market outcomes may (and, in too many cases, do) lead to significant impairments in environmental quality and thus contribute to decreased welfare of current and future generations. The challenge then is to harness the power of economic incentives to advance the goals of environmental protection. This course will take a closer look at some of the pressing environmental issues of today, and assess the potential of market-based policies to achieve socially desirable outcomes. We will explore issues such as climate change, water quantity and quality, and deforestation. Other issues considered may include handling of solid waste (recycling, deposit-refund systems), traffic congestion, and sustainable fisheries management, as well as other topics of interest to students. The relative efficiency of alternative policy instruments (e.g., carbon tax versus carbon emissions cap-and-trade) will be discussed.

A background in basic or intermediate microeconomics is helpful, but not required. The only requirement is familiarity with basic algebra and statistics concepts.

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