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Instructor Class Description

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Kern Ewing
ESRM 472
Seattle Campus

Wetland Ecology and Management

Wetland types and functions, global and North American distribution, wetland plant types, soil chemistry. The influence of stresses on wetland composition and form. Autecology of wetland plants; response to and detection of stresses. Impacts of urbanization; management techniques. Recommended: coursework in biology or ecology. Offered: A.

Class description

This class will not be taught this year (2013).

Student learning goals

How wetlands function, and how this results in different plants and animals living in them.

Where wetlands can be expected to be found in landscapes and regions.

How plants are able to live in flooded and saline environments.

How hydrology drives wetland characteristics.

How wetland restoration has been done in different environments.

What the major wetland systems in North America are.

General method of instruction

Lecture, images, field trips, a project.

Recommended preparation

Look at a basic text in plant ecology such as "Terrestrial Plant Ecology" by Barbour, Burk and Pitts.

Class assignments and grading

A project, which requires that you go to a wetland and make measurements. You may then compare the wetland to other wetlands, compare sites along a gradient, describe flora and fauna at similar or different sites.

Project report and two exams.

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