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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Dorothy A Paun
ESRM 320
Seattle Campus

Marketing and Management from a Sustainability Perspective

Introduction to business concepts relating to marketing, human resource management, small businesses and entrepreneurship, and economics in the context of environmental resource management. Offered: AS.

Class description

Companies and organizations use marketing and management expertise and tools to create and deliver products, services, and ideas, and students will learn about these from a sustainability perspective. Course objectives / learning goals are to explore: 1) the vocabulary of marketing along with its concepts, principles, and models; 2) a market orientation focused on enhancing on the customer,environment, and society; 3) how markets are researched and then segmented, targeted, and products positioned to meet wants and needs; 4) techniques for creating value-added products and services, pricing that also incorporates externalities, developing distribution channels, and implementing selling, advertising, and public relation campaigns; 5) managerial (interpersonal, technical, and conceptual) and leadership skills and styles; 6) how companies motivate employees and develop human capital; and 7) organizational methods for recruiting, selecting, training, and evaluating employees.

Student learning goals

See above.

General method of instruction

Lectures, video case studies, and exercises.

Recommended preparation

No prerequisites. This is an introductory course about business from an environmental and social responsibility perspective. Both non-business and business majors take this course.

Class assignments and grading

See syllabus.

Business sustainability paper and a final exam.

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