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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Daniel Vogt
ESRM 101
Seattle Campus

Forests and Society

Survey course covering forest ecosystems of the world, history of forestry and forest conservation, how forest ecosystems function, wildlife in forests, environmental issues in forestry, forest management, economics and products, and new approaches to forest management. Open to majors and nonmajors. Cannot be taken for credit if CFR 101 already taken.

Class description

TITLE: Sustaining our environment This class will present a comprehensive overview of sustainability of the environment and the resources that we use from the environment

Student learning goals

Learn about environmental principles, issues relating to resources and resource use, and the sustainability of resources

General method of instruction

Lecture and one afternoon discussion session that will be either discussion, computer lab or field trip

Recommended preparation

no prerequisites

Class assignments and grading

2 exams and reports from discussion sessions

2 exams, reports; class is graded on a curve

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