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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

John B. Lynch
EPI 529
Seattle Campus

Emerging Infections of International Public Health Importance

Focuses on the nexus between emerging infections and increasing globalization of the world due to the mobility of people and goods. Examines emergent events through risk factors and associated macro changes implicated in their genesis. Reviews microbial evolutionary strategies and factors of emergence. Prerequisite: graduate standing. Offered: jointly with HSERV 536.

Class description

The emergence and re-emergence of infectious diseases is not a random process- there are often identifiable factors contributing to these events. While some factors are modifiable and some are not, efforts to prevent and control infectious diseases depend upon understanding these factors to deal with current and future infectious diseases. The course will focus on the overlap of infectious disease epidemiology and increasing globalization. We well examine and review risk factors, macro changes, evolutionary strategies and other factors of emergence.

Student learning goals

Describe and understand candidate emerging infectious diseases

Describe the role of globalization, trade, migration in the emergence of infectious diseases

Understand the roles of public health and medicine in both emergence and control of infectious diseases

Describe representative and recent outbreaks, epidemics that are linked to globalization

Understand the role of vectors in infectious disease transmission, including food and insects

Understand how healthcare interventions contribute to emergence of infectious diseases

General method of instruction

Lecture, class discussion, reading papers, small group project

Recommended preparation

Graduate student standing

Class assignments and grading

1. Class participation and reading 2. Small group project 3. Take home exam

33% for each of the above elements

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