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Daniel Asmama Enquobahrie
EPI 521
Seattle Campus

Epidemiology of Maternal and Child Health Problems

Contributions to understanding and prevention of major maternal and child health problems, including pregnancy outcome, infant and child morbidity and mortality, maternal morbidity and mortality, abnormal child growth and development, and early-life factors in adult health problems. Prerequisite: graduate, medical, or dental school standing and EPI 511 or EPI 512 or permission of instructor. Offered: jointly with HSERV 542; W.

Class description

Student learning goals

1. To explain secular trends in major problems of maternal and child health: low birth weight, preterm delivery, infant and maternal mortality.

2. To identify social-behavioral, environmental and biological risk factors of the major problems of maternal and child health.

3. To summarize what is known of social-behavioral, environmental and biological mechanisms underlying the socio-demographic factors; and to be exposed to additional possible testable hypotheses relating to these mechanisms.

4. To identify threats to validity of causal inferences in published research articles; and to be able to synthesize published epidemiological literature concerning major maternal and child health problems into a review paper.

5. To begin to put in practice your training in epidemiology and biostatics as you make causal inferences, evaluate programs, etc. based on published literature.

6. To develop a perspective of the relative importance of intrinsic factors (host factors) and extrinsic factors (infections, drugs, alcohol, toxic dump sites, toxic neighborhoods) as determinants of major maternal and child health problems.

General method of instruction

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

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