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Kristina M Straus
Seattle Campus

Environmental Studies: Interdisciplinary Foundations

Introduces environmental studies through interdisciplinary examination of the ethical, political, social, and scientific dimensions of current and historical environmental issues. Integrates material from different disciplines, and applies insights and methods to actual problems and situations at scales from the local to the global. Offered: AWSp.

Class description

The primary objective of this course is to develop an interdisciplinary understanding of 21st century environmental challenges and solutions. To do so, we explore the complex questions of how humans interact with and influence the environment. We emphasize understanding the causes and consequences of environmental problems and the myriad of solutions and opportunities that exist to solve them. Contemporary issues explored include: How do we live sustainably and what does sustainability mean anyway?; climate denial and the science of climate change; the political ecology of Puget Sound; the implications of America’s industrial food system on people and nature; and the challenge of water and resource wars.

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