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Sverre Vedal
ENV H 596
Seattle Campus

Current Issues in Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Interdisciplinary seminar on current and emerging topics in the practice of environmental and occupational health. Faculty- and student-led presentations with an interdisciplinary focus, including occupational hygiene, nursing, and medical issues. Prerequisite: environmental health graduate student, occupational health nursing student, or permission of instructor. Offered: jointly with NURS 580; AWSp.

Class description

This 2-credit graduate-level course uses a lecture/seminar/discussion format to provide a comprehensive clinical overview of occupational and environmental respiratory disease. A 10-page paper, some short, focused readings, a few small homework assignments, and classroom participation will be required. There are no mid-term or final examinations. Topics covered include: 1) respiratory system structure and function including imaging and lung function measurement (at rest and exercise) and interpretation; 2) occupational and environmental obstructive airways disease including asthma, RADS, vocal cord dysfunction and COPD; 3) occupational and environmental interstitial lung disease including pneumoconiosis (especially asbestos- and silica-related disease) and granulomatous conditions; 4) lung cancer due to occupational exposures; 5) exposure measurement and control; 6) respiratory impairment and disability; 7) indoor and outdoor air pollution.

Student learning goals

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Date: 12/07/2009