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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Richard Gleason
ENV H 560
Seattle Campus

Occupational Safety Management

Explores industrial organization and methods of integrating safety and industrial hygiene programs with industrial operations. Investigates philosophic issues related to industrial safety and health such as responsibility for safety, dependency on safe practice, and hierarchy of prevention. Contains numerous case problems and student involvement opportunities. Offered: jointly with NSG 506; Sp.

Class description

Students will review many types of company safety and health programs. A history of safety and health programs and regulations will be provided. Students will be provided a copy of the OSHA General Industry Safety and Health Standards (29 CFR 1910). Students prepare an industry specific safety and health plan and give a presentation to the class on the hazards of that industry. Internet resources for safety and health are provided. Students will receive their OSHA 30 Hour General Industry Safety and Health Card.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Lecture, class discussion, student presentations, internet review of company safety records and resource information for student reference.

Recommended preparation

A willingness to work individually and in small groups. A general awareness of safety and health. A desire to use the Intenet for obtaining resources for developing a safety and health program.

Class assignments and grading

Students will develop a Company Safety and Health Program for an industry of their choice and provide a student presentation to the class. All of the assignments in the course are "real world" and are derived from actual companies, case histories etc.

midterm (25%), final (25%), Company Safety Program and Presentation (30%), Homework (20%)

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