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John R Castle
Seattle Campus

Creating a Company I

Two-course sequence with ENTRE 473. Working in teams, students develop a business plan for a new venture, present their plans to a panel of investors, obtain funding, run the business, and exit the firm at the end of the second quarter. Prerequisite: ENTRE 370. Offered: AW.

Class description

The course gives students an overview of business formation and operations through a real-world business experience. Students learn how all the pieces of business theory taught in other courses fit together to make a business succeed.

This is neither a game nor a simulation. Students are required to identify real business customers and clients; to define and respond to needs of these customers and clients; to define and deliver products and services they want; to negotiate with suppliers, administrative agencies and other stakeholders; to finance company operations; and to be accountable for cash flows and company budgets. This is a hands-on experience, supplemented by classroom analysis and sharing of lessons learned.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

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Class assignments and grading

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Date: 12/07/2006